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Building A Good Customer Experience Does Not Happen By Accident. It Comes From The Heart.

Life is about creating stories that are worth telling.

Hi There! I am Perry Lau and together with my awesome work partner a.k.a my wife, we thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.

On 22nd September 2013, I was doing my routine Sunday Morning Door-To-Door Session to reach out to families to address any queries that they might have with regards to the topic of Financial Planning. At the 11th Floor of the building, there was one family who was keen to find out more about accident coverage for their 17 years old daughter, who was studying in Polytechnic back then, as she was very sporty in school. After knowing what exact coverage they need for their daughter, they proceeded to take up the accident plan for her from me. More than 1 week later, on 2nd October Afternoon, I received a call from their daughter, as she was unable to contact her parents as they were not in Singapore that day. She mentioned that she has accidentally slipped and fell in the school’s badminton court and asked what should she do now, as her left knee was in great pain. I told her to wait for me to come, so that I can accompany her to see the doctor. At the clinic, the doctor mentioned that he needed a MRI scan on her left knee, before he can advise on the appropriate treatment. What happened next was the most memorable moment in my career till today. After the Consultation and MRI scan, she told me that she has no money to pay for the bill. The Consultation Fee was S$120, but the MRI scan on the left knee alone was S$1,200. Without thinking, I immediately took out my own credit card and proceed to make the payment. I took the original receipt and the signed claim form back to office for claims submission for her.

Few hours later, I received a message from her dad, who transferred S$1,320 back to me. In his message, he said this, “At first, when my daughter told me that you have paid the S$1,320 to the clinic using your own money, I couldn’t believe that you will do that for her, especially you knew us more than 1 week ago only. How you know we will definitely pay you back”. I replied, “Because on 22nd September, you took less than 60 minutes to trust that I will service your family to the best of my ability and on 2nd October, I took less than 60 seconds to trust you back.

And so, this is WHY WE LOVE TO DO WHAT WE DO.

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