Financial Planning

Risk Management


Wealth Accumulation

Life Insurance

Protecting yourself and your life is the first step in ensuring that your family and loved ones are cared for, even when you’re no longer around.

Critical Illness Protection

You are ultimately your biggest dependant and asset. When Critical Illness strikes, we have to ensure your income for the next few years can be replaced while you rest and recuperate.

Accident & Medical Protection

With rising medical costs, protection against hospitalisation and accident bills will safeguard your life savings in the event of an emergency.

Disability Income Protection

Income assurance in an event that you are no longer able to perform your current occupation due to a disability, to maintain your standard of living.

Savings & Investments

Growing your wealth is key in every financial planning portfolio, where you provide for your future, in the present.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is about being able to choose whether to work. You are in a better position to make that decision if you start retirement planning early.

Travel Around The World

Having a peace of mind while travelling around the world is very important. Customise your coverage to suit your travelling habits.

General Insurance

Get your adequate coverage for your home, car and ensuring your domestic helper is well taken care of with the coverage she needs.

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